I have had the pleasure of shooting at several venues in the UK but none have come close to the Oshwall Centre Temple (aka Shikharbandhi Temple) in terms of authenticity to Indian traditions.  The temple is constructed in the shape of the Jain symbol.  Jainism is an ancient religion originating from India teaching the way to Nirvana. This symbol was adopted by all sects of Jainism while commemorating the 2500th anniversary of the nirvana of Lord Mahavira.

I was lucky with the weather on the day as we had a nice blue sky with lovely cloud detail.  Perfect conditions for capturing a vibrant and dramatic sky.

You will see below that with slight tweaks the original captured image is subtly improved, making it complete.

  • Created a strong vignette, placing the focus firmly on the temple
  • As a result have darkened the sky intensifying the blue colour in the sky
  • Placed a radial filter on the temple increasing exposure slightly and making it the brightest part of the scene
  • Amended the Luminance value of the blue colour to create a deeper blue in the HSL module
  • Increased the saturation of green slightly to enhance the trees surrounding the temple and drawing the eye further into the centre of the frame
  • Cleaned up distracting lines/marks in the stone

oshwall centre temple - before - after

Shikharbandhi Temple


Here is a sneak peak of the beautiful couple from this wedding :

Oshwall Centre Temple (aka Shikharbandhi Temple)


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