This week we look at a photo from a recent sikh wedding held at the Sri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Southall.  The venue is absolutely stunning, finished in marble and granite with a gilded dome and stained glass windows allowing in plenty of natural light.  We made the most of the natural light and used the balcony area for setting up a portrait photo of the bride.  This was a key shot as it was taken just after the religious proceedings and marked the moment she was now a married woman.

Shooting with an 85mm prime lens at f/2.2, you can see below the shot was originally a portrait orientation but with a sharp lens focused accurately this has given me another option to crop in and change the look of the shot, focusing on the brides eyes.  Both images are effective in their own right but only because the composition and the capture allowed for it.


asian bride close up - before - after

asian bride close up - before - after 2


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