This week we deal with a small but unavoidable problem that can only be solved after the event. Usually, we tackle this around the time clients are selecting final images to feature in their storybook wedding albums as these have to be perfect.   I prefer to shoot in reportage/documentary style and choose not interfere with proceedings too much, allowing for a more natural flow.  Sometimes when natural ‘moments’ happen around you i.e a first kiss after leaving the church, you have to be alert and capture what is in front of you.  As you will see in the before and after pictures below, we have a small issue of the best man’s head appearing above the groom’s shoulder.

This looks very distracting and is taking away from the very important moment we have unfolding.  Print this on a 30 x 30 cm album spread and you have a bigger head!

You will see from the after that with some editing we can completely remove the head and the body around the groom leaving a pleasing image.


church wedding kiss - before

church wedding kiss - after aldermaston


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