This week I’ll show you how we can enhance an iconic image from the vidayi/rukhsati also known as sending off to further our storytelling.  Without fail this type of image will be featured prominently in a storybook wedding album, so it does deserve some special attention.  In asian wedding tradition, this marks the moment the bride no longer resides at her parents home.  She moves in with her husband to start their new life together…


rukhsati-vidayi wedding tears london


Some observations from the RAW Unprocessed image :

  • Distracting flash light bouncing on door frame
  • Distracting hand with bangle showing on far left of image
  • Highlights are strong in this image, so need to be toned down
  • Black and white treatment would create more of a mood

vidayi ceremony tears


Changing the image to a moody black and white helps enhance the message in this photo.  We have more attention on the bride by removing distracting elements which can in this case include colour (red)!

I’ve chosen to use a vintage effect to tell my story as the bride leaves behind her past ready for a new life with her family….

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