This week we take a classic image from a wedding bridal prep session in London which is very popular with clients and show you how we can create more impact by removing simple distractions.  These simple techniques allow you to focus the message within the frame and help you tell your story.

So lets’s have a look at the original image :

wedding bridal prep


Some observations from the RAW Unprocessed image :

  • Distracting lamp near mirror
  • Distracting water bottle, bottom right of mirror
  • Distracting gap between pillows on the bed
  • Colour balance could be enhanced further

wedding bridal prep - after


The final image has been cropped in to focus on the bride which helps create more intensity.  Distracting elements have been removed, colours enhanced and skin softened to ensure the image is ready for sharing and print.

Subtle changes can make all the difference…!


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