This week I wanted to share a very popular image taken last year which is now also featured on the homepage and the official FB page for the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Gravesend.  In addition, this is also available to purchase at Getty Images – click here.

The original image was taken prior to the arrival of the bride and groom but I ended up capturing some guests gathering in front of the Gurdwara, not ideal.  As this was going to feature as a double page spread in the storybook photo album, it deserved some extra attention, so enhancement was in order.

Here are some of the changes that were required to transform the image :

  • Cloned out people in front of the gurdwara.  This was the most challenging aspect as it required keeping the detail of the building itself and the patterned floor intact.  This process required several steps that included using layers and the full suite of healing/repair tools within Photoshop.
  • Removed people on the left of the temple, replacing with trees
  • Darkened the sky and adding a touch of red to add some drama and artistic flare
  • Removed distracting lines and exterior marks on the building

The key here was to preserve the look and feel of the original image but just removing distracting elements.  Depending on the use of the final image, it could even make sense to keep the people in the photo.

Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Gravesend London - Before

Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Gravesend London - After

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