In this post, we’ll look at one of my all time favourite landscape/architectural images of the Eiffel Tower taken a few years ago.  The tower is one of the most iconic sights to see in the world, especially at night when the lights are switched on. A work of art!

Being heavily focused around asian wedding photography it’s always refreshing to test my skills/knowledge on new subjects and under demanding conditions.  Night photography is a real challenge with a pleasing image requiring great composition and a range of equipment including a sturdy tripod, cable release and neutral density filters.

This original image is straight out of camera and was taken at the following settings : f/9, ISO 100, 25 sec exposure using a Tokina 11- 16mm wide angle lens.

I was very pleased with the image which was well exposed and tack sharp and confident this could be pushed quite a bit at the post editing stage.


paris - before


 Here are some of the actions taken to produce the final image :

  • Cropped in to improve composition
  • Level/Lens Correction
  • Colour correction – increasing Magenta levels
  • Small White balance shift
  • Applied Medium strength sharpening
  • Tone Curve – S Curve applied
  • Spot healed a few distracting lights
  • Dodge & Burned creating a more 3D look
  • Added low/medium levels of noise reduction

paris - after

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