London is a hugely popular venue for weddings. From Big Ben to the Royal Family and even its iconic red phone boxes, the Big Smoke has a unique charm that has proven a huge appeal for tourists around the world. Where better, then, to spend the most important day of your life than at Sheraton’s Park Lane Hotel.

Located in the heart of central London, the Park Lane Hotel is a prestigious and revered venue. Founded in the early twentieth century, the prominent hotel lives up to the high standards associated with the Sheraton brand. Walking into the Art Deco hotel, it is obvious why so many have opted to hold their ceremony here.

The regal interiors with brilliant white table settings alongside the subtle creams, reds and browns are fitting given that the venue is just minutes away from Buckingham Palace. The 11,000-square foot Ballroom has a maximum capacity of 1,000 people, making it a perfect venue for Asian weddings which tend to involve a large number of guests. The refined amenities within are perfectly adaptable to all manner of weddings which has led to Park Lane Hotel being a frequently requested venue within the Asian wedding community.

Park Lane Hotel is currently undergoing a huge renovation which means that all aspects, from the bar to the bedrooms and everything in between, are constantly being improved and upgraded. For Asian weddings in England’s capitals, there are few more sophisticated options that the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel.

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